Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Margaret, Wendy, Sebastian, Suvi

Sebastian, Margaret, Kevn, ????

'Tis the season in this biz where folks come and go. I'm not sure we EVER really get used to losing and making friends at such a rapid pace -- but we end up knowing a heck of a lot of people all over the world so that's the upside. Our buddy Margaret just left -- on to bigger and better things in Beijing! (Just in time for the Olympics etc. -- if you lose your passport, she's the one to know!). Margaret was a great friend and colleague and her (near) constant smile kept us going on many a day! She was our social sponsor when we arrived, hosting a welcome brunch, so it was fitting for us to host her farewell brunch.

Karen, Roger, Liam

Amb, Virginia, Steve, Mitch, Ian, Bill, Steve

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