Sunday, June 25, 2006

We finally made it!

So here we are -- week three in Mauritius. We arrived on June 6 and so far, so good!

We've moved into our house -- a cute little three bedroome bungalow up on the north of the island. It's got a pool and a great area for outdoor entertaining. We're about a 15 minute walk from the nearest public beach -- we visited for the first time on Father's Day and I think we'll spend many a weekend there.

Liam is settling in. He's got a full time nanny -- Joanna -- and has made a few friends in the neighborhood. He'll start preschool in September and I think that will make a HUGE difference.

Steve and I are both getting acclimated at work. Lots to do -- small Embassy with a small staff so everyone pitches in. I'm heading off on my first trip tomorrow -- to visit the American community in the Seychelles (hardship of hardships!). We did learn that it's impossible to buy yougart on the islands -- go figure -- so I'm bringing in a shipment for my staff. Should be a good trip -- I'm back in PL on Thursday.

We participated in a scavenger hunt over the weekend -- hilarious. I'll save that for another post. (Accompanied by photos to illustrate). Suffice it to say that there are some crazy folks here.

More soon....

Team Ryde