Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DC at Last

Finally, after four weeks on the road, we arrived in DC over the weekend to begin our training/consultation period. It's the final countdown to Mumbai and I think we are all ready. We're at the ever-posh Virginian Suites - I think this is the fourth or fifth time I've stayed here and it NEVER changes. It's been great hooking up with old friends and Liam seems to be enjoying his time at Diplotots (a nice break for us all!). We leave two weeks from today....scary!

New York, New York

We arrived in upstate New York last week, chez Springfield Oaks friends Andrew, Deanna, and Markus. We had a great week - visited the lake as well as Lake Ontario, Andrew's museum, and the local outlet mall. Markus is getting so big and he and Liam had a ball. It wen too fast but thanks for the hospitality!

Whirlwind visit to Colorado

If it seems like we spent a lot of time on the road, we did. Liam has been on 8 flights since we left Mauritius. We took a quick trip to Colorado to visit my 90 year old Grandma - and to give Steve a quick break. We were able to hook up with some other family as well but unfortunately, missed the Smillie family reunion, which took place a week later.

Happy Birthday America!

We spent the fourth in Boise with Brian and his family. A good time was had by all -- visiting a working farm and riding horses, engaging in a watergun fight, enjoying firworks, and watching a small town Indpendence Day parade (and it was nice to NOT be working the event, for once!).

Home Sweet Home

We were relieved and excited to be back in Portland - where we did the usual hometown stuff - Saturday Market, stroll along 23rd, and visit the Children's Museum. Of course, no visit would be complete with a sampling of Oregon Wines (new fave is the Tempranillo by my high school classmate John Grochau - thanks Pavlina!) and microbrews, as well as a trip to the ever fab Oregon coast.

Chicago Here We Come

Liam at the Bean

Colleen, Winnie, and Max on their first outing to a park

And out for lunch...

After Paris, we hit Chicago - it was a first time visit for Liam and Steve but I've been several times to visit Peace Corps pal Colleen. She and husband Max recently welcomed Winnie Sullivan Nutkowitz to the scene so we were able to meet her, visit with them, and see some sights around town. A great re-entry into the United States!

Bonjour Paris!

We spent a little more than 24 hours in Paris en route to the U.S. -- had a chance to visit my very favorite scuplutre in the city at St. Eustache. Liam made use of the many parks and playgrounds in the city. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful way to start our vacation.