Monday, March 01, 2010

Holi re Holi puranachi poli

Today was holi - started off with a small celebration at Washington House and then migrated over towards some friends' colony where there was an all out battle of the colors! Tons of fun, although Steve may end up going to work wearing a hat tomorrow!

Crossing the hump...

So I turned forty this - in Singapore! It was a calculated trip - didn't want to be in Mumbai for it so went further east. Had an amazing birthday - breakfast with orangutans at the world class Singapore zoo and then an amazing dinner of raclette, galettes, and crepes at a tiny French bistro that we happened upon during a monsoon-like shower. An awesome trip and fabulous birthday. I almost forgot I turned old!

The backwaters

Spent a very relaxing four days in Kerala - god's country to some. It was amazing. Highly recommend the Taj Garden Retreat. Lots of activities for everyone and kind of reminded us of the Dirty Dancing resort because they had evening activies and Mr. Ravi, the Julie McCoy of the resort, on hand to marshal everyone around!