Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yes -- Cape Town is FABULOUS!

Unfortunately, we can't show you much because our real camera died (shame on Kodak - we won't buy one again). These are from our disposable -- not bad!

Steve joined me on Thursday and, despite the UK and Portland-like rainy weather, we had a fantastic visit. Friday, we met some colleagues-to-be (who are joining us in Port Louis) and they toured us around some vineyards. We had an outstanding lunch (kudu -- my new favorite meat -- I have no idea what it looks like living but it's darned tasty) followed by a stunning drive along the coastline.

Saturday, we travelled with our professional guide throughout Cape Town and the Cape -- hitting both the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point (erroneously thought to be where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet -- alas, we'll save that for next time). Saw penguins, baboons, elants, ostrich, and a field mouse -- all in the wild. The coast is stunning (reminds me of home). And, of course, more wine!

We'll definitely be going back (who knows -- maybe for a posting one day!) and taking Liam who, by the way, had an excellent time with Joanna and her family. I think he hardly missed us.

We're now gearing up for Steve's sister's visit (Deb). She and her friend arrive shortly...

More later -- and some scanned photos to follow once we retrieve them from our horrible disposable camera! (Pox on Kodak).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like life is good for the "Rydes"! Once our lottery ticket hits we'll be heading right over. Life in Boise is SSDD. Soccer, work, sleep, soccer, work, sleep. Looing forward to summer and camping.