Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter eggs and more...

We're trapped at home this weekend as Liam was diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth (not to be confused in hoof and mouth, which resulted in mass extermination of sheep in the U.K. 2001! His U.K.-trained pediatrician assured us that no such measures would be necessary). At any rate, he's a little spotty so we're taking it easy at home and decided that we'd do our Easter egg dying one week early.

Had a good time -- our hands are mostly blue and green now. Liam is busy manhandling the colored eggs and I somehow doubt there will be any survivors with which to make the dreaded week-after-Easter egg salad.

Otherwise, all's well -- gearing up for monsieur's 3rd birthday on Wednesday and enjoying the seemingly last of our summer weather....yes, yes -- the pool is ALMOST too cold to enjoy.

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