Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cyclone Gamede

In one of the most irritating 72 hour periods of our lives, we are currently under siege in our home – being pounded by rains and winds of up to 120km per hour. Gamede is a particularly slow moving cyclone – it ranged from Class 2 Friday to Class 4 overnight. We’re now half-way into Sunday – Steve’s had to spend the morning on the roof trying to sort out draining problems (before our bedroom becomes a swimming pool) and filling our generator so that we can have limited power, water etc. It’s supposed to pass through this afternoon but I imagine we’ll have our hands full with clean up for the next week(s) to come. Communications are down, our beloved Armed Forces Network dish was dismantled Friday – what to do? We’ve done quite a bit of cooking/baking and are all going to be cutting out some sugar cookies this afternoon to stave off boredom (and whininess!).

Liam mows down on one of the cookies (yes, shaped like the continental U.S. to remind us of home!)

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