Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back from the Seychelles

Had the chance to travel to the island of Mahe - Secyhelles this week. Strange place. Somehow more "rasta" than Mauritius. Really beautiful but soooo humid and very rainy. I'm not sure it's my ideal climate. And ultra expensive. Because of currency restrictions (e.g. Seychellois rupees aren't good anywhere BUT the Seychelles), you have to pay for everything in dollars -- so there's a shortage. Restaurants were outrageous, there isn't anything to buy in stores. Really crazy.

Had a good trip -- met my staff member and hosted a meeting with the American community. Not sure I could live on a tiny island like that.

It was fabulous to return home -- Liam and Steve missed me (I hope) and I missed them tremendously.

On a "we're finally getting settled" note -- our car arrived from Japan. A very disco Honda FIT. It's actually quite good -- so good that we're ordering a second one! Steve's been doing most of the driving but I'm vowing that I will do it -- right hand drive has been my nemesis for several years now.

So today is the community Independence Day celebration. Should be good fun. We've been super busy at work because the U.S.S. Reuben James is in port -- bringing with it all sorts of sailor-type problems (e.g. lost passports, no passports etc.). Looking forward to relaxing and having a beer. The official 4th celebrations are Tuesday -- so unfortunately, Steve and I have to work the party.

Guess that's all for to the festivities!

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